Handling of privacy

Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company has a corporate principle, “Interactive Creative Frontline” and provides integrated digital solutions with teams of internal creative, promotion, marketing, and other experts in the interactive communication field. The Company believes that it is our mission to appropriately handle the Personal Information in carrying out our business. The Company hereby sets out our policy on personal information protection to provide security and safety to all persons related to the Company and will contribute to creating simple and enjoyable informative life.
  • Appropriate Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

    To the extent necessary to achieve our business goals, the Company will acquire and use the Personal Information after specifying the purposes of use and take appropriate measures not to use personal information for other purposes.

  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Standards

    The Company will comply with various laws and regulations, government guidelines and any other standards concerning the handling of Personal Information and properly manage the Personal Information.

  • Prevention of Personal Information Leakage, Loss, or Damage and Correction

    The Company will take safety management measures for the prevention of unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or damage of the Personal Information and regularly rework and correct such measures.

  • Responding to Complaints and Queries

    The Company will make an effort to promptly respond to and settle any complaints and queries concerning the personal information protection management system of the Company.

  • Continuous Improvement of Action concerning Personal Information Protection

    The Company will continuously review and improve the personal information protection management system.

Establishment: April 1, 2002
Last revision: April 1, 2017

HAKUHODO I-STUDIO, Inc. Seiichi Hirabayashi, President and CEO